"Hot Cross" Bun

Today's Tutorial Tuesday is a cute little hair style I do for my little Rapunzel.  It's nice for those play dates and dance classes....just to keep her hair out of her face.   But honestly, the reason I like it so much is because it's so quick and looks like you actually put some effort into it.  Let's face it, the less time you have to spend wrestling a toddler, the better!
You simply start by parting the hair down the middle from front to back, dividing the hair into two sections.  Loosely secure one side with an elastic and then divide the other side into two sections, horizontally.  Tightly secure each section with an elastic and repeat with the other side.  You should now have 4 ponytails.  Now take each section and twist them, bringing them together into one ponytail.  Secure this with another elastic.  Take the ponytail and twist it around into a messy bun, securing with a few elastics or bobby pins as needed.
And there you have it!  Cute and fast!!

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